Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Sanding in Statesville NC

Hardwood floors in homes and commercial buildings are something you should not take for granted. Once installed, you have the opportunity to enjoy walking on them for many years to come, but like any other material item on this planet, they need to be taken care of properly in order for them to have a long life. At DK’s Hardwood Floors, we have the ability to install, refinish and sand those hardwood floors to make sure they maintain their impressive and beautiful look.

Hardwood Floor Installation

You can install hardwood floors yourself, but many times they can be poorly installed if you haven’t done them before. It could cost your expensive repairs down the line, and that is something you just don’t want. We have the tools, skills, and experience with our team to ensure a beautifully installed hardwood floor.

Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood floors will lose their original look after many years of use, which means refinishing them is a necessary item to have on your list to get done. Fortunately, our team is skilled in refinishing and recoating to restore the luxurious and classic look to the hardwood floors. If you have minor wear and tear, we can also give you solutions for small fixes.

Hardwood Sanding

When we refinish the hardwood floors in your home in Statesville, NC, our sanding services are necessary during the process to ensure the hardwood floor refinishing ends up perfectly and beautifully. We use equipment that is designed to eliminate the dust from flying around when sanding, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of sanding.

Why Choose DK’s Hardwood Floors?

If you live in the area of Statesville, NC with hardwood floors, you should always be taking good care of them. Throughout the years, they will have wear and tear, but they are still strong and durable floors that can be refinished to restore their original look. We are experts in hardwood flooring, and we take pride in the refinishing jobs we do.

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