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Hardwood Floor Installation in Statesville NC

Hardwood Flooring Installation

At DK’s Hardwood Floors, we specialize in hardwood flooring installation. Equipped with more than a decade worth of experience, we use our expertise, skills, tools and equipment to install hardwood floors accurately and efficiently for homeowners in Statesville, NC and the surrounding areas. Hardwood floor installation can be risky if it’s not professionally done because poorly placed wood can lead to expensive repairs and could shorten the flooring’s lifespan. We pay attention to the crucial details to ensure our hardwood flooring installation jobs are done right and your floors stand the test of time.


Following hardwood flooring installation, you shouldn’t have to worry about your floors losing their luster anytime soon. Nevertheless, hardwood floors can lose their brilliance after many years of use. Refinishing your home’s hardwood floors can restore their luxurious and classic look. DK’s Hardwood Floors can provide you with the refinishing and recoating services you need to bring your hardwood floors back to life. We can also recommend alternative solutions if you’ve had hardwood floors that have only sustained some minor wear and tear.


During the refinishing process, DK’s Hardwood Floors will do sanding to your hardwood flooring to produce the best possible results. This part of the process sometimes deters homeowners from having refinishing done since it sends dust flying in the air throughout their houses. But when you call on DK’s Hardwood Floors for refinishing, we assure you that this won’t happen. We use equipment that is designed to reduce the amount of dust involved in sanding. In fact, our Bona sanding equipment offers 98 percent dust-free sanding to reduce the hassle that comes along with dust accumulating in your home. The fact we use this advanced equipment is yet another reason why you should leave sanding and refinishing to the professionals.


Are you not ready to invest in hardwood flooring installation for your home? Bamboo is proving to be an excellent alternative to hardwood floors for homeowners. Bamboo cuts like wood, feels like wood, and even looks like wood, but it’s available at just a fraction of the cost of hardwood. Bamboo’s extreme density makes it a great material for flooring since it can withstand a great deal of wear and tear without losing its elegant appearance. DK’s Hardwood Floors is highly experienced in the installation of bamboo flooring and we can answer any questions you might have about this particular option.

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